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Private Residence

It's not uncommon for some people to find recycling in Verbier difficult, either due to age, a lack of space to stockpile materials, lack of time, being far from a recycling point, having no vehicle, or a combination of everything.

With our residence scheme, subtle bins are swapped out once a week. We encourage complete separation, with ALL plastics being taken, resulting in a huge drop in white sack usage, or if the food waste option is taken, sometimes never having to use white sacks at all.

Residential Collection

20 CHF Collection


Bins Provided

Dirty Bins Swapped

Plastics, Cardboard & Paper

Glass & Tin

White Sacks

Residential Collection +

25 CHF Collection


Bins Provided

Dirty Bins Swapped

Removal Every Monday

Plastics, Cardboard & Paper

Glass & Tin

White Sacks

Food Waste

BBQ Collection M 

75 CHF

(25 Persons)

3 bins of recyclable materials 

1 x 60L waste sack

1 x cardboard sack

BBQ Collection L

100 CHF

(25+ Persons)

5 bins of recyclable materials 

1 x 100L waste sack

1 x cardboard sack

Private Collections (Furniture / large items / moving objects)

(100 CHF)

100chf per van load (including all labour) *150chf per load if extra labour required

Or 100chf per hour (including all labour) *150chf per load if extra labour required

Client will  pay for waste to be deposited if taken to Tridranses Voléges

Chalet Companies

From having experience working in this industry, we understand it's difficult to expect chalet companies to enforce waste management when their main focus is striving to provide exceptional customer service & experience. It's easy to forget about the bins when you have 16 chalets to drive for!

So, why would you use Verbier Green as a chalet company? Verbier Green provides 5 smart, subtle looking bins, allowing separation of glass, paper, metal, ALL plastics and food waste. White sacks are hardly ever utilised, allowing the companies to make a huge financial saving.

We provide an easy solution to high-end chalet waste management, allowing all the staff to focus on delivering perfect customer service. Save money, save the planet, deliver amazing customer service – what’s not to love?


Commercial Businesses (Week free trial)

There can be a multitude of reasons for a commercial business wanting Verbier Green to help with their waste management, from providing advice on how to recycle cost-effectively, to recommendations on effective sustainable cup choices.

Imagine a certain company puts out 2 large wheelie bins of glass almost every night during winter. Now imagine that company is not close to any of the glass recycling points around town, and even if they were, putting glass one at a time into a bin is not cost-effective and painfully time-consuming.

They also don’t have access to a vehicle, and have limited staff, resulting in a costly & time-consuming process that has to be repeated.

It's far easier, as well as cost-effective, for Verbier Green to provide regular collections. On the commercial side of the business, we provide a week-long free trial period, in order to understand the quantity of materials being put out, as well as the frequency of collections needed. It also allows companies to form a greater understanding of our work ethic & how Verbier Green operates.

Other Services / Removal Jobs

As well as recycling and waste transportation, Verbier Green aims to provide reliable & cost-effective waste transportation and removal work. A skip can be great if you have the staff and labour to fill it.

Other services can include BBQ clean ups, removal of large household items, grass removal, and many others. Please do not hesitate to contact to find out just how much we can really help.


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