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Chalet Company

Le Farinet

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"Here at Farinet we partnered with Verbier Green to improve our recycling efforts. Our aim was to reduce our environmental footprint, without sacrificing the quality and service we are famed for. Josh offers an efficient and high standard of service that has not only improved our operations here at Farinet, but has gone a long way toward our continued efforts to go green."

Le Shed


My name is Richard and I’m one of the owners of Shed and Hotel Phenix. We have had the restaurant Shed for 4 seasons now and have been struggling with our waste handling since the first season. We strive to represent an environmentally friendly company and it has felt very hard to do so with today’s recycling situation in Verbier. This season we started collaborating with Verbier green which has been a tremendous help for us to start working towards our environmental goals. The service has been great and Josh has been very innovative, helpful and motivated to please our needs in this quest

Mountain Air

Outdoor Boutique

Mountain Air, Verbier have been working with Verbier Green since last summer and it has been great. The service is always professional and Josh is super knowledgable. Working with Verbier Green has helped us to reduce our impact on the environment as well as improving our efficiency. Thank you Josh!

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